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Director KYC

DIR 3 KYC is a form to be filed by every director who has been allotted DIN (Director Identification Number). It is mandatory for all the directors irrespective of their status as approved/disqualified. Additionally, DIR-3-KYC-WEB is to be used by the DIN holder who has submitted the DIR-3 KYC form in the previous financial year and no update is required in his details. The due date for DIR 3 KYC E form and DIR 3 KYC WEB would be 30th September of next financial year.


    Documents Required for DIR 3 KYC

    1. Email ID of Applicant
    2. Mobile Number of Applicant
    3. Self-Attested PAN of Applicant
    4. Self-Attested Aadhaar card (with Mobile number updated)
    5. Self-Attested Electricity Bill/ Bank statement with present address
    6. Passport size photograph
    7. Director Digital Signature
    8. Details of Nationality and Citizenship details like gender, and date of birth.
    9. Permanent Account Number (PAN).
    10. Voters Identity card.
    11. Passport (mandatory if a foreign national is holding a DIN).
    12. Driving License.
    13. Aadhaar card.
    14. Personal Mobile and Personal Email Address.
    15. Residential address.
    16. Digital signature of Individual filing the form (applicant).
    17. Attestation of the documents mentioned above from Practicing Professionals such as CA, CS, or Cost Accountants. In the case of Foreign Nationals, documents need to be attested by the prescribed authority.
    18. A declaration has to be provided by the applicant duly attested by practicing professionals.

    Who has to file eForm DIR-3 KYC?

    As per MCA recent announcement, any director who was allotted a DIN by or on 31st March 2018 and whose DIN is in approved status, will have to submit his KYC details to the MCA. Further, this procedure is mandatory for the disqualified directors too.

    From the Financial Year 2019-20 onwards, it is mandatory for every director who has been allotted a DIN on or before the end of the financial year and whose DIN is in approved status, will have to file form DIR-3 KYC before 30th September the immediately next financial year.

    For the Financial Year 2020-21, the directors having DIN or Director Partner Identification Number (DPIN) and the directors allotted with a DIN/DPIN by 31st March 2021, need to file the eForm DIR-3 KYC before 30th September 2021.

    Consequences if the form is not filed on or before the due date?

    If the same is filed after the due date, a penalty of Rs. 5,000/- shall be levied by the Ministry. This is a mandatory penalty and can not be avoided.
    The DIN shall be deactivated. This means that you are disqualified to act as a director in any company

    Step by Step Guide to filing your DIR – 3 KYC

    1. Download the form

    The first step would be to download the form from the MCA website.

    1. Provide DIN details

    The individual/Director must provide his DIN in the KYC form, the status of which is ‘Approved’. Directors’ whose DIN has been deactivated due to non-filing of the KYC can fill the form even after the due date after paying late filing fees.

    1. Enter Relevant Details in the DIR- 3 KYC Form

    Enter Relevant Details in the DIR- 3 KYC Form

    Name and relevant credentials:

    The applicant must mandatorily enter his and his father’s first and last names. The name entered should match the one mentioned in the PAN. The address mentioned here will be verified with the PAN database. Acronyms, short forms, and single alphabets are not allowed.


    It is important to declare your nationality. In the case of foreign nationals who serve as company directors, nationality, as declared in the passport, should be selected.

    Declaration of age:

    A person must enter his date of birth in the DD/MM/YYYY format. A person must be a minimum of 18 years of age while filling this application.


    While filing the form it is mandatory to enter your permanent residential address. Make sure that these details match the proof of permanent address that is to be attached. A foreign pin code can only be entered in the state selected as NA. In case the present residential address is not the same as your permanent residential address, it is mandatory to enter your present residential address also.

    Verification of PAN:

    It is mandatory to declare your Permanent Account Number (PAN). After entering your PAN details click on the ‘Verify income-tax PAN’ button. The system will then verify your details based on the PAN card number. Please note: The PAN mentioned in the form and the PAN mentioned in the DSC must be the same for successful validation. If the foreign nationals do not have a PAN, the name mentioned in the form must be the same as the name mentioned in the DSC for successful validation.

    Updating Contact Details and OTP verifications:

    It is important to enter your mobile number, which will be verified by an OTP. Country codes other than +91/91/0 will be allowed only if the individual is not a resident of India. Likewise, you need to enter your email ID, which will also be verified by an OTP. After submitting these details, click on the ‘Generate OTP’ button. Separate OTPs will be sent to your mobile number and email ID.

    Attachments to be made:

    The applicant must upload the following documents. Make sure to get these forms attested too before uploading: 1. Proof of Permanent address. 2. Conditional attachments. 3. Copy of Aadhaar Card. 4. Copy of Passport. 5. Proof of present address.

    e-Form Certification:

    Make sure the eForm is digitally signed by a Practicing Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant, or a Company Secretary. It is important to enter the details of the Practicing professional and then attach their digital signature.

    Process after form submission:

    ■ SRN Generation Upon the successful submission of the eForm DIR-3 KYC, an SRN will be generated for the user. This SRN will be used for future correspondence with the MCA. ■ Email communication An email with the approval of the receipt of the form will be sent to the personal email ID of the applicant. Once the email of approval is received, filing eForm DIR-3 KYC is complete.

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