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Every Non-Government Organisation(NGO), can apply for registration under Section 12A if it wants to get an exemption from income tax. Without the 12A certificate, the receipts of the NGO will be entitled to normal tax rates. On the other hand, a registration under section 80G of the Income Tax Act provides tax benefits (80G deduction) to all assessees who pays any sum as a donation to eligible funds or institution.

NGOs can apply for both the 12A certificate and registration under section 80G together or separately. If you wish to apply for them separately, you must apply first for 12A registration. As per the Income Tax Act, 1961, 12A registration is a must if you want to apply for registration under section 80G of the Income-tax Act.

    Advantages of Registration under Section 12A of Income-tax Act for NGOs

    NGO will specifically be recognised by law as a charitable trust

    The income of the NGO shall be exempt from taxes.

    It can avail benefits by subsidies from any Government agencies.

    It can avail exemptions from Goods and Service tax for some specific supplies.

    Further, it can avail benefits of the FCRA Registration.

    Advantages of registration of NGOs under section 80G

    It Provides deductions from gross total income to all assessees who pays any sum as a donation

    It Encourages People to donate to NGOs because it provides tax benefits to the assessees

    Documents Requirement for Registration under Section 12A and 80G of Income-tax Act

    The below-mentioned documents are required for 80G and 12A registration for an NGO:

    1. Duly filled Form – 10A for NGO registration u/s 12A
    2. Duly filled Form – 10G for registration u/s 80G
    3. Copy of PAN card in the name of the NGO.
    4. Landlord NOC
    5. Self-attested copies of the MOA /Trust Deed and Certificate of Registration and (two copies each).
    6. Copy of utility bill (anyone from electricity Bill/House tax Receipt/ Water Bill).
    7. Proof of welfare activities undertaken
    8. Progress Report for the last 3 years or since inception
    9. Balance sheet, ITR, and Books of Accounts, for the last 3 years or since inception
    10. List of the Governing body members and their contact details.
    11. List of the donors along with their PAN and address.
    12. Any other undertaking/document/affidavit/ information may be required by the authorities.

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